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ByAlexander Pretorius

The uses and potential side effects of Viagra in an adult male.

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Buy Viagra In South Africa

Men living in South Africa who are experiencing impotence may be interested in obtaining Viagra to treat their condition and reignite their sexual relationships. There are a few different ways that men can go about doing this. Unlike some other countries, Viagra is not available over the counter at a pharmacy. It has to be obtained either through a physician (GP) or it can be purchased online. But with each option comes a list of pro’s and con’s.

The easiest way to get Viagra is to purchase it online

Buying online provides a way of purchasing the drug in a completely discreet manner, which is a concern for many men because impotence is can be an embarrassing subject to talk about. It can also be a much cheaper option because online pharmacies generally deal with generic drugs as opposed to the brand name, which results in a much cheaper cost to the patient.

However, there can be some risks associated with buying Viagra online

Not all online pharmacies can be trusted to be selling legitimate products. You need to make sure that you are buying from a reputable company that is selling real products that are not contaminated in any way. Verifying this information can be difficult, but it is crucial to know what kind of quality the online pharmacy provides to ensure your safety while taking Viagra that you buy online.

Another option for obtaining Viagra is by visiting your GP

This is the safest option for men and will ensure that they are getting thorough treatment and a legitimate prescription. However this can be an uncomfortable thing for a man to talk to his GP about. Going this route will entail making an appointment with your GP and scheduling a visit with them. While you’re there they will specifically screen you for certain conditions that may cause erectile dysfunction, such as heat disease, low blood pressure, physical condition, etc.. Sometimes erectile dysfunction can be cured without taking a pill if it is associated with another medical condition, so it’s important to be screened and rule that out before taking Viagra. Once your GP has determined that taking Viagra would be a good fit for you they will write a prescription that can be filled at a pharmacy.
Visiting you GP is probably the safest way to obtain and use Viagra.

A slight negative in going this route though is that you will need to continue visiting your GP regularly to obtain a new prescription when your prescription runs out. Some men might not mind this but some might find it uncomfortable to have to keep talking about the issue regularly with medical professionals.

Taking Viagra can have a huge impact on the mental well being of men suffering from impotence

It can also reinvigorate their sex life and give them a boost of confidence that they may have lost. When obtained in a safe way and used as directed it can have a huge positive effect on a man’s life.

There are a few associated side effects that may be experienced while taking Viagra

The product works by lowering your blood pressure, so your blood pressure needs to be closely monitored while taking Viagra. In rare instances some men may experience heart or chest pains, shortness of breath, a feeling like you might pass out (or light headedness) or in rare instances, erections that last for more than 4 hours. If any of these side effects are occurring, discontinue use and contact your GP immediately.

Buying and using Viagra in South Africa is a common and fairly easy thing to do

While the safest and most common option is to obtain it by visiting your GP it can also be done by finding a reputable pharmacy online. However, I would urge men suffering from impotence to follow through with their GP because taking a prescription can interact with other prescriptions you may be taking and this needs to be evaluated by a medical professional. You won’t get this information if you’re just buying the prescription online yourself. It’s also very important to be evaluated for other medical conditions that might be causing impotence because a lot of men don’t actually need to take Viagra after having other medical conditions taken care of. But if there is a legitimate need for Viagra, it can be safely and easily obtained and it can make a world of difference for those that take it.