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ByAlexander Pretorius

Premature Ejaculation: Practical Ways to Prevent and Overcome It

What is it about premature ejaculation that always leaves a room feeling awkward? I remember as a young teen being dreadfully scared of premature ejaculation,  sometimes masterbating three times before a potential situation where my penis would have to perform. The mystique of the premature ejaculation is one that lingers around men of all races and origins, from the tip of Chile to the South African coast. My first time having an extremely premature ejaculation was not something I would ever forget,  not to say that they aren’t all memorable. The first time I experienced it was very embarrassing and made me feel powerless, especially since she did it on purpose.

Psychology damage

The psychology damage from a premature ejaculation can last a lifetime, sometimes requiring counseling, sometimes forcing someone into a life of celibacy. After experiencing premature ejaculation a man can find his depression taking him into a place of social isolation,  dreading the inevitable encounter with the sexually unsatisfied woman who can only think of how you ejaculated too soon. Sometimes the ejaculation can come before you have a chance to penetrate, like a batter swinging before the ball is pitched. On my first encounter the woman provided oral sex until I was near the end of my capabilities to hold on, then during an aggressive moment of putting the condom on,  she made me ejaculate. The mental trauma of seeing a woman with your half limp penis in her hand laughing is permanent,  and no matter how hard you try to get it hard again, it just won’t become erect again. The psychological effects continue as you begin to doubt your manhood and capabilities to satisfy a woman’s needs.

The damaging effects of premature ejaculation don’t stop there, the social scrutiny of sexual performance will also haunt you. What woman is going to want to chance that she will be stuck with someone who ejaculates too quickly, and what men would like to be categorized as being part of the premature ejaculation crowd. In the current day of social media,  even your mother could end up finding out that you ejaculate prematurely,  think about how awkward Christmas dinner will be. Who would want to talk about ejaculating ten seconds into a sexual encounter, at the dinner table with your family,  the shame is daunting.

Most likely your mother has been disappointed by a premature ejaculation disaster as well

The physical damage from premature ejaculation is also a concern. It is scientifically proven that the more sexual partners you have,  the higher the likelihood that you will acquire a sexually transmitted disease. Therefore as a man who prematurely ejaculates with women,  the women most likely do not contact the man again and he is forced to continue the cycle of finding another woman to prematurely ejaculate with if he has not corrected the issue. The more times this happens,  the more exposure the man has to diseases. The same issue applies once the premature ejaculator is able to get a woman to stick around. As the premature ejaculator continues to fail to satisfy his woman’s sexual desires, she will seek other sources of penis that ejaculate at a more appropriate time, this will expose you to untold quantities of infectious diseases and bacteria.

Other health implications from premature ejaculation can include pregnancy

The pullout method is very unreliable when you are a premature ejaculator,  therefore, when you penetrate the vagina with your penis and ejaculate before you can pullout,  you have a heightened risk of impregnating the woman. There are many different methods that can be used to improve your penis’s performance, but that can depend on preferences. My favorite method is to masterbate vigorously everyday,  by manually ejaculating on a regular basis you can extend the amount of time before you ejaculate next. I recommend masterbating immediately upon waking up, and slipping in a couple rounds throughout the day, with a longer more involved nighttime ritual. There are many ways and tools to assist you in ejaculation. You can use a pocket pussy, or an inflatable doll, I recommend always using lubricant to increase the natural sensation of a moist vagina.

While you have the lubricant out, you can also explore the option of milking your prostate, I often use this method when I am bored of more traditional ways to ejaculate

To decrease the amount of cleanup,  you can wear a glove, or do it in the shower. Even if you just masterbate into a sock, or flush it down the toilet, everytime you ejaculate, you will be increasing your endurance. Eventually your body will become a fine tuned sex machine, capable of not ejaculating too quickly. It is a misnomer that having intercourse with someone who is unattractive will make you last longer, you may be happy to ejaculate sooner. When it comes to premature ejaculation, there are options,  and there is help out there.