Levitra: Erectile Dysfunction And The Drug That Fixes It All The Way!

ByAlexander Pretorius

Levitra: Erectile Dysfunction And The Drug That Fixes It All The Way!

My Levitra personal experience
I am normally a soft spoken person so talking about erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t come to easy. This was probably due to my strict upbringing in Melbourne where my parents taught me to suck it up when confronting personal obstacles and problems. Well I am going against the norm on this one because I think it is important for all South African men and those around the world, to seek help when it comes to ED.

About 18 months ago I started to noticed that my sexual performance in the bedroom was starting to decline

I had just turned 50 years a couple of months prior so felt it might be something to do with that. So to be on the safe side I went and visited my doctor. He gave me a full physical and than we sat down and talked for about 10 minutes. The doctor said that everything looked fine however would have to wait a week or so to get back results of my blood test. We did however talk about my ED problem and he stated that this was relative common for men in their 50’s. Since I did not have any history of heart problems, he recommended that I consider taking Vardenafil otherwise known as Levitra.

What is Levitra?

This brand of ED pills have the advantage over some of the other more popular ones in that it leaves your body quicker and is generally less expensive. Although I understood the theory that these pills would help increase blood flow to my penis, I was still skeptical on whether it would work or not. Having nothing to lose I took my prescription from the doctor and went to a pharmacy located outside of Sydney to get it filled.

Levitra price in South Africa

It cost me per 20 mg pill and got 30 of them. My doctor told me that I should not take these daily as some of the other brands, only when there was a chance that sexual stimulation could lead to intercourse. Also, that the chances of side effects were less especially those associated with skin and rash disorders.

A week later, I decided to put Levitra to the test

I had recently gone out with this women from work a couple of times, however previously did not have the courage or confidence to see if she would go to bed with me. Well she accepted a dinner and movie date over the weekend and I was frankly still very nervous. Dinner went well although about halfway through the movie, the only thing that I could think of was getting into her pants. I excused myself to the restroom, took one of the Levitra pills in South Africa and than return back to the the movie where I made some lame excuse about dinner not agreeing with my stomach.

My date must have had similar thoughts as me as she did not question my sudden request to leave and head straight back to my home

The drive to my place normally takes about 20 minutes and it was a little difficult driving as my penis was already starting to get enlarged. As soon as entered the doorway, we started to engage in heavy petting and headed straight toward the bedroom. I felt like I was in my 20s again as my penis became rock hard as we engaged in oral sex. The rest of the night was amazing to say the least and I knew I had conquered this ED obstacle. Needless my date was equally pleased and we have been dating regularly since then.

My advice to all those that are experiencing or starting to experience ED is to go and see your doctor to see if Levitra is right for you

Being embarrassed is a normal reaction however not enjoying life during your mid-years will be something that you will regret. Levitra worked wonders for me and I am sure that it will help you inside and outside of the bedroom.

Alexander Pretorius

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Kaikura GoodmanPosted on3:52 pm - Jan 8, 2020

I have only used this a few times but in my experience it does wonders. It sometimes feels like and out of body experience during intercourse. I just dont want to become to reliant on a pill.

Ajayi Du ToitPosted on1:50 am - Jan 10, 2020

I tried Levitra at a couple of dosages and it never quite worked for me as well as some of the other ED medications that are out on the market.

Bern FouchePosted on12:53 pm - Jan 12, 2020

Hello Everyone…I like to share my Levitra review. I’m 60 years old. I didn’t have a problem getting an erection, it just didn’t last long enough for me to finish. It was really frustrating and I started to avoid sex altogether. After reading Levitra reviews, I decided to give it a whirl. And the results were so amazing.I request all of them to try this product because it actually works!!!!!…….

Ricus TheunissenPosted on10:54 pm - Jan 14, 2020

Levitra has been an eye opening experience for me. I began with a 10mg dose and immediately felt results after an hour. Personally, it gives me some flushing of the face and some indigestion. However, I felt engorged but couldn’t climax. I prefer Levitra over Cialis and Viagra. Later on I upped the doage to 20 Mg and got skin irritation with only a 50 percent erection.

Bast SchmidtPosted on2:34 am - Jan 16, 2020

I like Levitra because I don’t have to worry so much about taking it near meals, come on it’s date night”

Jaquan SteytlerPosted on3:03 pm - Jan 18, 2020

Could you chew Levitra pills?
Is it safe to eat Levitra after dinner?
when is the best time to take Levitra pill?

Beaunard SchmidtPosted on3:19 pm - Jan 20, 2020


Austin WeaverPosted on9:12 am - Feb 26, 2020

I am 54 years old. I have been taking Levitra for 5 years. I use 10mg when I need it, and I take it about an hour after I’ve had a meal. I enjoy it because I only get an erection if I am stimulated, it doesn’t just happen and make me uncomfortable. It doesn’t have the nasty side effects that other medications do, like headache, pain and lack of sleep.

Charlie GillPosted on9:13 am - Feb 26, 2020

There are several possible side effects to Levitra, and unfortunately, I experienced three of them — headache, upset stomach and stuffy nose. I wouldn’t have minded except that the Levitra didn’t really help my ED to any noticeable amount.

Cameron NewmanPosted on9:13 am - Feb 26, 2020

Levitra (vardenafil) relaxes muscles found in the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to particular areas of the body. Levitra is used to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence). Levitra may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

Arlo FowlerPosted on9:13 am - Feb 26, 2020

My boyfriend and I have been having a difficult time with intimate nights. After doing some research, he decided to take 10 mg of Levitra. Initially he felt nothing different, however it kicked in after 30 minutes, and he got a decently wider and longer erection. He lasted longer in bed, however he was unable to come during the entire time. He reported that he felt extremely tired afterwards with a splitting headache, and reported that he felt decreased sensation during sexual intercourse, hence the inability to ejaculate. Although Levitra did give him an erection, we did not find it beneficial for long-term use, as it leads to too many side effects. Maybe we will give it one more chance, however there is no possibility of continued use for us. We will be looking for other products and options, I believe that there will be something else that will be better suited.

Jordan WhitePosted on9:14 am - Feb 26, 2020

While I have not personally used Levitra, I have used similar drugs. I would say they are a godsend to men like myself. Erectile dysfunction is a humiliating and embarrassing thing to have happen. With no apparent rhyme or reason it is very frustrating that you can’t do anything to correct course. These types of drugs are a wonderful aid.

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